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The Chef's  Menu :        27,00€

main course + starter or cheese or dessert.

A La Carte Menu :         33,00€

starter + main course + cheese or dessert.

Gourmet Menu :            36,50€

starter + main course + cheese + dessert


To start…                                                € 10,50

1. Soufflé of prawns and fried gambas served warm with American style sauce -The Chef's Special-

2. . Three kind of Foie Gras ( Flavoured with Gewurtztraminer, Stuffed with pistachio and walnuts, Marinated with red wine), served with homemade brioche-€ 5extra-

3. Cromesqui filet of quail from “Challans”, breaded Burgundy snails, flan shallots and garlic with lard

4. Two kind of beef carpaccio: dried cécina and smoked silverside, mozarella émulsion, candied tomatoes, bread chips

5. Seared scallops, lightly whipped chervil purèe, shredded fennel and "Wakamé", sesame and poppy lace biscuit

6. Courgette, fresh goat cheese and salmon stuffing in a beggar’s purse, homemade blini’s, lemon light whipped cream

To follow, the main course and its garnish…              € 21,50

1. Crispy sweetbread, mashed potatoes, pan fried foie gras, reduce juice -€6 extra-

    2.Larded beef tenderloin (180/200gr), red wine sauce, potatoes pancake. -€5 extra-

    3. Calf head in ravigote sauce served warm , “Grenaille” potatoes, small vegetables

    4.Snacked Tapilla (Ibéric porc from spain), cheesy crumbly shortbread and spinash with bechamel sauce, reduce juice

    5.Pan fried chicken breast, mini sweet peppers stuffed with ratatouille, chorizo cream sauce

6. Thick salt-water fish steack (depending on arrivals), garden peas with lardoons

7.Roasted back of pike-perch, green asparagus tips, creamy risotto with parmesan, white butter sauce flavoured with orange juice

Net price(TVA at 10,00% except for the alcoholic drinks:20,00 %)-service included-

To finish your meal…                                              €10,00

Cheeses :

1. Crispy pepper Camembert from Normandy, caramel with cider, lettuce garnish ~The Chef's Special~

2. Assortment of four PDO cheese (Protected Designation of Origin).

3. Assortment of four goat cheese (cheese made at “La Ferme de la Cabinette” from Onzain)

Desserts :

To be ordered at the beginning of the meal :

1.Savarin made same like a rum baba, "Mara des Bois" strawberry, lemon light whipped cream,

2.Raspberry and “Gariguettes” strawberry macaroon, vanilla light cream

3 Tart prepared with ?Poulain? (dark chocolate made in Blois) -€3 extra-

4 Profiteroles with caramel ice cream with salted butter and vanilla, melted chocolate.

5 Rhum cake, caramelized fig, whipped light vanilla cream flavoured with liquor from Olivet

6 Stewed white peach dessert, apricot light mousse and thin slice of meringue, traditionally made sorbet

7 Gourmet coffee -(9,20€: Not included in menus)-

8. Ice cream or/and sorbet with a choice of three flavours.

9. Ice cream or/and sorbet with alcohol.-€1,50 extra-

The Menu for kids :       11,50 €

(children under 12 years)


To choose between : Cheesburger “homemade” or fillet of fish pan-fried

pasta or french-fries


Desert : Warm apple tart or two scoops of ice cream and/or sorbet.

Net price(TVA at 10,00% except for the alcoholic drinks:20,00%)-service included-



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